PVPP Megamix

For the client Megamix d.o.o. Sarajevo, Rajlovačka bb, we made the conceptual and main solution of the photovoltaic power plant for own needs of FNE Megamix. The installation of the PV system is planned on the roof of the business hall, with the appropriate substructure. One of the characteristics of this project is the material of the roof of the client’s business hall, whose drilling was not possible, and at the suggestion of our proffesional team, a substructure will be used for mounting on the roof but with weights, instead of the standard way of attaching ALU profiles.

Basic information for PV system:

Number of modules: 513 pcs

Number of inverters: 2×100 kW

Installed power: 233.42kWp

PVPP power: 200 kW